2º Seminário de Educação a Distância da UFSJ: Inclusão e Tecnologia



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8h: Credenciamento (hall do Anfiteatro)

8h30-10h: Minicursos e oficinas (salas de aula)

10h-10h30: Coffee break

10h30-12h: Minicursos e oficinas (continuação)


14h às 16h: Mesa-redonda 1 (Anfiteatro)Processo de gestão e avaliação na EAD: dificuldades, desafios e perspectivas

• Daniel Ribeiro Mill (Ufscar)

• Marise Maria Santana da Rocha (UFSJ)

• José Antônio Oliveira de Resende (UFSJ)

16h:Lancamento de livros – Hall do Anfiteatro do CSA

  •  Educação a distância: elementos para pensar o ensino-aprendizagem contemporâneo Daniel Mill e Gustavo Maciel (Orgs.). Mato Grosso: EdUFMT, 2013.
  • Escritos sobre educação: Desafios e possibilidades para ensinar e aprender com as tecnologias emergentes Daniel Mill (Org.).São Paulo: Paulus, 2013.
  • Docência virtual: uma visão crítica Daniel Mill. Campinas:Papirus, 2012.

19h: Palestra – Ensino e aprendizagem inovadores com inclusão e tecnologia (Teatro do Campus Santo Antônio)
• Vani Moreira Kenski (USP)

 20h30: Apresentação musical  (Teatro do CSA)

21h: Lançamento do livro Tecnologias e tempo docente
Vani Moreira Kenski. São Paulo: Papirus, 2013

 21h15: Coffee break



8h- 9h30: Mesa-redonda 2 (Anfiteatro) - Inclusão e Tecnologia: interações possíveis

• Maria Nivalda de Carvalho Freitas (UFSJ)

• Elisa Tuler de Albergaria (UFSJ)

• Paulo Henrique Caetano (UFSJ)


9h45: Coffee break

10h-12h: Minicursos/Oficinas

13h30- 16h30: Comunicações

Robson or hybrid hard drive

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Next year, we’re going to see a battle of the titans over how flash memory gets incorporated into PCs and notebooks.

Intel is backing a technology called Robson. In Robson, a large amount of data and applications will be stored in flash memory so that the processor won’t have to retrieve it from the hard drive, which takes far longer. With Robson, you’ll be able to put your PC into hibernate, and come out and start work right where you left off almost instantly, said Dadi Perlmutter, who heads up Intel’s Mobility Group.

Robson also cuts power consumption because the drive doesn’t have to spin as much as it ordinarily would. The flash in Robson will come in an add on card or be integrated onto the motherboard.

Samsung, Microsoft and Seagate, meanwhile, all have replica cheap Michael Kors their eye on the hybrid hard drive, where the flash is inside the hard drive. It stores necessary applications as well as keystrokes, URLs and other material that you put into your computer. When the flash fills up, it wakes up the drive, which takes the data, stores it and goes back to sleep. Technically, drives already come with flash, but they don’t perform these functions.

Hybrids could significantly cut power consumption in notebooks because the drive, one of the primary consumers of power, stays asleep the majority of the time.

The two technologies aren’t contradictory a PC manufacturer could implement both. But, that cheap michael kors handbags would raise prices and be overkill to a certain degree. Thus, companies are lining up on one side Michael Kors handbag outlet or the other.

Perlmutter claimed that the cheap replica michael kors hybrid drive could get cheap Michael Kors delayed. Seagate refuted that, saying it will come out with hybrids in the first half of next year. Samsung also has said it will come out with hybrids next year. Robson, meanwhile, will come out in the first half of next year, too, and be an option in notebooks fake cheap Michael kors handbags based on Intel’s Centrino “Santa Rosa” platform.

Like 512 mb, 1 gb, or 1.5 gb?

Obviously it’s only a matter of time before they release 20 and 30 cheap michael kors gig flash hard drives, and then work their way up to 60 and 80 gig flash hard drives. Loading time would be amazing! Combine that with a processor with 80 cores, and new batteries that recharge in 30 seconds, and DDR3 memory, and smaller, thinner laptops with WiFi everywhere. the cheap michael kors purses future will be sweet!

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